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The Citron Fruit

As you can tell from our website, one of our main objectives is to cut through the pretense that can exist in our industry and deliver to you great tasting products that have a story to tell. 

Once again, we’ve got you covered with Nardini Acqua Di Cedro made from the Citron Fruit.  That’s correct, Citron! 

Those naturalists out there will know that the Citrus Medica is the name given to the Citron Fruit.  A large citrus fruit with a thick rind and bumpy skin or to use a phrase from my “ex”, thick skinned with less pulp!

The literature online suggests that Citron is rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C but we’re not here to discuss that.  We are here to discuss the absolute flavor bomb that the Citron packs and by bomb, we mean the kind found on an Ohio Class Submarine.

The Citron Fruit is actually known to be the progenitor to the modern-day lemons, limes and perhaps even oranges that we enjoy from time to time.  Because of the unique thick skin and natural oils extruded therefrom, Citron is used in medicines and is often candied and added to foods like teas, fruitcakes and marmalades.

Naturally, the ingenious inventors at Nardini applied the intense flavours of the Citron Fruit to the elegant finesse of their in-house made spirit.  The result is the Nardini Acqua Di Cedro which is in every sense– Bonkers Amazing. 

Way less syrupy but way more intense, Acqua Di Cedro is not a limoncello, not a grappa, and is not sugary!  This pre/post dinner drink offers very bright and complex flavours and aromas of crystalline citrus.  That’s right, almost a sweet and salty matrix of lemon goodness which ends with a light and pleasant touch down. 

We have also used Acqua Di Cedro as a mixer in soda water on ice together with a slice of citrus fruit. Do this and your troubles are over.

Look, the bottom line here is that if you have:

  1. had a bad day,
  2. ate too much,
  3. need to open your appetite,
  4. want to impress a friend,
  5. just closed a crazy deal,
  6. need to unwind,
  7. need to cool down, or
  8. just need to relax for a moment;

then, Acqua Di Cedro will leave you better off than where you started, we assure you.

Cin Cin.

By the way, just as an FYI.  Nardini is likely the most important and highly pedigreed distillery in all of Italy.  This is what the Italians are drinking people.