Free Delivery When You Order 3+ Cases! - Home & Office Deliveries

Split a case with a friend or coworker. Try wines not available at LCBO stores. You must be 19 years of age to purchase alcohol. please note that we only deliver in Ontario.

Wines are our passion

Hi there, thanks for visiting. If you are like us then you probably want this to be brief, so here it goes. We carry wines that are sold at the LCBO and also wines that are not available at the LCBO and offer home and office delivery. Yes, it's true!

We are an award-winning agency specializing in wines and spirits, founded on:

  • Market Insight
  • 50 Years of Industry Pedigree, and
  • Service (everyday ending in “y”).
  • At Allied Wine Group (“AWG”) we respect your table, your hard-earned dollars and most importantly, your time.  We take amazing product, across a range of prices, from the hardworking wineries and distilleries around the world and put them onto the tables of our fellow hard-working Canadians.  Simply put, we connect Canadians with some of the best beverage alcohol producers that we can find.

    With our fifty (50) years of experience in the food and beverage alcohol industries, we definitely have an insight into what Canadians are looking for.  There is also a large part of us that wants to introduce Canada to the product discoveries that we have made on our journey. This is why our services include in depth information on the products you buy and the food that goes with it, just ask us, you will be glad you did.  Just to be clear, we also know that it’s not about being sanctimonious, it’s about enjoying life. We get it.

    If you are like us then you have at one time or another ordered a product and couldn't wait to try it after that long day at work or after that crazy deal finally closed only to find that the product, while pricey, did not meet your expectations.  Remember that feeling? It sucked right? At AWG, the technical term used for this scenario is "Bull$h*t".

    We've been there.  That’s why when you order one of our products you can rest assured that it has been vetted by our team of experts who have an insight into both the current market's buying tendencies and the changing trends of the world.  With AWG you will always be ordering product on the bleeding edge of the industry. We aim to leave you smiling and satisfied every time. (See our testimonials if you don’t believe us).

    We know that you worked hard today and we try to respect your time through our products and our range of prices.  When our products enter your premises they must make you proud and they must respect your time. The hard work should go into making the product, not buying or enjoying the product.

  • At Allied Wine Group (“AWG”), we respect you, the Producer, for all the risks you take and we strive to take the guess work out of the equation by navigating the regulatory framework of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (the "LCBO") and sell your product through all available retail channels of the LCBO including General List, Vintages and Specialty Services (known as Private Consignment).  We are one of the largest by volume in Private Consignment to date.

    Our administrative and merchandising teams customarily arrange and prepare listing applications, align product with tender calls, execute merchandising services, stock monitoring, graphic design, photography services, and much more.  We can customize our services as needed by you.

    As Producers you work very hard and risk very much for the love of your product.   At AWG we effectively mitigate such risk by ensuring that your products are introduced into a specific market stream backed with the required market insight, by our specialized merchandising team, on the front lines where it counts.  We can only be successful if you are successful first. We get it. Our directive is to bring you returns for your stakeholders in a focused and efficient effort.

    AWG is founded on: (i) Market Insight, (ii) 50 Years of Industry Pedigree; and (iii) Service, so you can be sure that your products will be introduced into the market with a bang and with efficiency.  We offer many strategic and proprietary initiatives that we are happy to customize and implement for your products just as we have done for other successful clients. Contact us for a free consultation.

  • Having been in the food industry for over 50 years we have seen trends come and go and we have seen fads come and go.  It is this food industry knowledge that helps us know your business. We too understand the food business. We know how tempting it is to go with what is familiar.  We've been there.

    We also know you have many choices in the market and we never take this for granted.  Our agents at AWG add value to your business by providing commercially and culinary minded solutions that meet your needs and match your budget tolerances.  We are not just an agency, we listen to you in order to construct a strategy with you to execute your plans and your goals. Chances are, we've seen your issues before and can help facilitate your needs.  We have worked closely with many restaurants designing wine lists specifically tailored to the demographics of each restaurant location. With the democratization of information a one size fits all approach may not work all the time and we at AWG are fully aware of this.  You must be successful for us to be successful.

    You should also know that we have ongoing strategic initiatives with our affiliates in the food business (i.e., fresh/raw goods) which create effective economies.  This will ultimately drive your expenses right down while introducing premium food items and wines to your menu lists. Let us share our thoughts with you. You will end up with higher quality products for less in the aggregate.