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Fratelli Berlucchi Franciacorta Brut 25

The Fratelli (Brothers) Berlucchi estate is located in Borgonato di Cortefranca in the heart of Franciacorta and covers approximately 70 hectares of DOCG and DOC vineyards, uniquely suited to provide the the raw material for its wines. 

Born to be young at heart and for the young at heart, the name '25' alludes to the number of months that pass from grape to glass. The wine is a classic blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc but the style is intended to be slightly lighter and fresher than perhaps an equivalent champagne would be. Yes, it's a wine for celebration but it also has the depth to sit alongside seafood dishes, sushi being particularly recommended.

Franciacorta is made the exact same way winemakers in France make Champagne. Known as the Method Champenoise or the Traditional Method, Franciacorta receives its bubbles by allowing a secondary fermentation to occur in the bottle. During this fermentation the CO2 that’s created is absorbed into the wine, instead of escaping as it does when fermentation occurs in a tank, and this creates the bubbles we’ve come to love in Champagne. This process also usually means the wine is drier with a more yeasty and less fruity character than its Prosecco counterpart. This “sur lie” aging is what many say makes wines made in this way more complex.

Producer: Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi SRL  

Region:  Lombardia, Italy                        

Bottles Per Case:  6 x 750 ml

Alc%: 12.5%                  

Style: Sparkling-Dry

Food Pairing: Franciacorta is an ideal wine for any point in a meal. The extraordinary quality striven for and achieved by its producers makes this a perfect wine for important occasions: from an aperitif to main dishes, from the simplest meal to the most complex.

Tasting Note: Well-balanced acidity gives freshness and flavour. Floral and fruity notes with hints of yeast, bread crust and delicate nuances of citrus. Hints of bread crust and yeast enriched with delicate notes of citrus (mandarin, lime, grapefruit), white fruit (peach, apple, pear) and dry fruit (almonds, hazelnuts, dried figs).


Decanter World Wine Awards, 2017: Bronze
Decanter World Wine Awards, 2016: Bronze
Decanter World Wine Awards, 2015: Silver
Decanter World Wine Awards, 2014: Bronze
Decanter World Wine Awards, 2013: Commended


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